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National Treasure

While I was up to my elbows in chicken, Mary Reese was helping Debbie clean out her bathroom. She came home last night with some wonderful treasures…

girl with her treasure

She got a variety of bracelets…


A new watch and necklace…

The necklace is circa 1988 and can be seen here…
sub deb formal

Sub Deb Winter Formal 1988. I am the one on the front row in the “Minnie Mouse” dress. Did you notice the necklace gleeming from around my neck? {I might still have the dress, if anyone wants to borrow the entire get-up for their next formal affair…got to love the 80s!} She also found tons of makeup and perfume samples…

If you need your makeup done to compliment your 80s look, I have the perfect makeup artist for you…

Mary Reese spent the afternoon doing her makeup and mine as well…

mommy makeover

She gave us “rainbow eyes” and even Owen got some “baby powder”

Baby Powder

Thanks Debbie for all our wonderful treasures…they have provided us with an afternoon of entertainment {and smells…yes our house smells like a perfume counter}!


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Eat More Chicken

“The Pig” had their chicken on sale for 99₵ a pound.
eat more chicken

When it goes on sale, I like to stock up for some easy weeknight meals. I ended up with about 10 pounds of chicken. First I boiled my chicken {in 2 batches in the pressure cooker} with onions, celery, carrots, rosemary, thyme and salt and pepper…


…then thankfully my head chicken-picker-off-the-boner rolled in from Atlanta to debone my chicken…

head chicken dude

…he has experience! Seriously, his first job out of college was a supervisor at a chicken plant. While he was picking chicken, I chopped onions, celery, garlic, green and red peppers. Then I sautéed the veggies in some butter {Paula Deen would be proud…I used 2 sticks} with some salt and pepper


I ended up with 2 nights worth of Cheezy Chicken, 2 nights worth of Chicken Spaghetti, a batch of Chicken Salad and 4 bags of chicken broth…

stocking up

The casseroles {& broth} are in the freezer…waiting on a night when I need a quick and easy meal! The chicken salad will be my lunch this week 🙂

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More peppers

I used all these great red peppers {bell, jalapeno and habanero}…

to make some red pepper jelly to go with my green pepper jelly.

red pepper jelly

It will be a festive gift for the Christmas holidays! I used the same recipe…just red peppers and red food coloring instead of green. Easy peasy!

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Mary Reese’s class has been studying about the letter F this week. They ended their week on Friday by making a friendship cake…


…doesn’t it look delicious! {Mary Reese said she was in charge of the orange swirls.} They all got to eat a piece at school and bring another piece home to share with family. She shared her piece with Banks and Owen…


…and guess what? He liked it!


I would have never let the other 2 children have cake at almost 6 months! Guess that is one perk of being the 3rd child!

After our cake, we headed to a little football party…


…they always have a tailgate party in the courtyard of my alma mater for the first home game. {This tradition was actually started by my brothers’ class.} We watched the band play and the cheerleaders cheer…


We ate Chick-fil-a sack dinners with friends…


The we headed to the stadium for some Friday night football…


…with even more friends!

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