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Jody and I went back to the doctor yesterday for Curly Pearly’s 36 week visit. They did an ultrasound to see how big he was {they never did that with the other 2}. She thinks he is around 7 lbs right now and should gain 1/2 lb a week {that would put him at 9 lbs if I carried him to term…ouch!}. She also said he had tons of hair and it looked thick {we’ll see…both the others were pretty bald}. Afterwards, we saw the doctor {not my regular one} who said they would take him at 38 weeks since he was the third baby, a good size and everything look normal. So, it looks like the week of March 9th, we will have our final addition to our family. I go back next Thursday morning to my doctor…so we should know an exact date then {I just requested no Friday the 13th baby}.
Here is a picture of his face:

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S = Silly Sock Day{s}

Mary Reese and her class have been learning about the letter S. To wrap up the week, they had Silly Sock Day {on Thursday and Friday because not everyone comes all 5 days} Here are her silliest socks:
We thought is was pretty silly that she was even wearing socks. If you have ever seen my child out and about…you she is strictly a flip-flop kind of girl {for the most part} and definitely never wears socks {they are either too tight or make her feet hot}! On Thursday, she left the house pictured above…by the time we picked her up she had ditched the socks. Today she just took the socks and shoes with her for circle time!

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Lessons from Kindergarten

Tonight at our Fat Tuesday Dinner, Banks was telling us all about eating these today at school:

Jody nor I had a clue why he would be eating pancakes today at school. Since it is Mardi Gras, we thought he meant a King Cake. I even asked him if it had different colored sugar sprinkled on it. He insisted it was pancakes that they poured syrup on top. He said the reason they had pancakes was because some town was trying to use up all their eggs, milk and sugar…so they made pancakes!
I came home and did some digging around here and found out that today is Shrove Tuesday. Apparently it is customary to eat pancakes on the day preceding Lent. Why? Because it uses up rich foodstuff such as eggs, milk and sugar which is traditional restricted during Lent, before the 40 day fasting season begins. I guess Jody and I aren’t smarter than a Kindergartener!
I checked my email tonight after their baths and discovered this picture sent from a friend who teaches 2nd Grade:
I asked Banks why the were wearing hats with the word “for” on them. He said they wear them all the time with words they are trying to remember! I bet that is a hysterical to see walking down the hall!

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Happy ♥ Day!

School-made Valentines from 2 of my favorite Valentines:

We hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day with the ones they ♥! We enjoyed a delicious meal in the comforts of our own home! Jody grilled us some wonderful steaks {filet for me, strips for them} which we enjoyed with some mashed potatoes, Popsy green beans and French bread. We topped our meal off with molten chocolate lava cakes and peanut butter chocolate ice cream! Delicious and Delightful!

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Valentine’s Parties

Both Banks and Mary Reese’s classes celebrated Valentine’s Day today. After we whipped out the science project poster last night, I headed to the kitchen. I made these for Banks to share with his class:

I had to make dip for Mary Reese’s class…but since I had plenty of cookie dough, I made these for her to send home with her friends:

Both of them worked hard this weekend picking out the perfect Valentine’s card for each classmate. Banks had Scooby Doo and Mary Reese had Princess {I am sure the other 2 girls in her class loved them…but I am not sure about the 10 boys!
Poor Banks never made it to his party. They called from school a little after 9:00 because he had 102 fever. Our pediatrician wasn’t working today…so we saw his partner. At first he thought it might be pneumonia but thankfully it is just a bronchial infection. Four antibiotics later…he is at home!
Mary Reese has eaten every piece of candy in her Valentine’s box on top of what they had at their party. Needless to say…she is definitely on a sugar high and has not quit talking since I picked her up!

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Science Project

Banks had his first Science Fair Poster due this year! Boy, the memories kept flooding back as we were working on it. The theme this year was “The Effects of Technology.” Banks did how digital technology has effected the time it takes to see dental X-rays. We headed over to Popsy’s office to conduct our experiment. Then we headed to Staples for our poster supplies.
Here he is working hard on the poster:

The final product:

The hardest part of the project was figuring out how to fit it all on that half of a piece of poster board. {Thanks Roberta for being our model in our pictures!}

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Popsy picked Banks up in this yesterday:
His face was radiated excitement when they pulled off. After cruisin‘ out to Popsy’s house, they worked on his science project before cooking hamburgers, hot dogs and ribs. After dinner, we all roasted marshmallows and ate smores! It was a yummy end to a beautiful weekend!

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