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We spent a nice, peaceful family weekend here:

We stopped here on the way to and from the lake:
For these {the world’s best chicken fingers and potato wedges}:
The water was a little chilly for swimming, so the kids did this instead:
Saturday night, we grilled hamburgers, hot dogs and corn. We also made good old “lake fries”:

Saturday afternoon, Banks wanted to ride the zipline one last time this year and I wanted to practice with the new video camera. He jumped on {see the boy stick figure} and literally flew down. When he got to the end {see the girl stick figure}, he nailed me and I flew backwards into the water between the dock and the boat, video camera in hand. I now know how those people on American Gladiators feel! Luckily we both survived along with the video camera {thanks to the hair dryer}! I thought I had the entire thing on tape and was ready to claim 1st prize on American’s Funniest Home Videos but I must have forgotten to press the record button! The zipline if officially retired until the water level rises!


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Guess what came today {kind of}

I was starting to get a little nervous because I had not received our travel documents for our big trip yet! I knew they should have been sent out 21 days prior to our trip via 2nd Day Fed Ex and we hit the 14 day mark today. I talked to Popsy early this morning because his office address was on our reservation…but he had not seen them. I immediately called SouthWest to get the scoop. Yes, they were mailed out at the 21 day mark and were delivered on Tuesday, September 16th. What??? That was over a week ago and they were nowhere to be seen! They were able to tell me the address they were delivered to…it was Popsy and Gigi’s house {the one they moved from a few weeks after the reservations were made in May}! Great!
Their old house is only a few minutes away from ours…so I drove over there to see if the new owners still had my precious envelope. The girl told me that she had gotten the package last week, thought they looked like airline tickets {really…did the SouthWest Vacations envelope clue you in?} BUT marked on the envelope WRONG ADDRESS then dropped it back in a FedEx drop box! I wanted to scream! At this point I was giving her a break because I thought my name was on the envelope and knew she would not put 2 and 2 together BUT I am listed in the phone book. How hard would it be to pick up and phone and call me…I bet it would have taken less time than it took you to drive to the FedEx box!
So, I got back on the phone with SouthWest. All that lovely customer service rep could tell me that WHEN they did get the documents back, they would re-issue them to the same address. Wonderful! Are they not getting a little nervous, because I am? Hello, this time in 2 weeks we will be there!!!!
I called back a few minutes later and got yet another lovely customer service rep. I just wanted to get the tracking number for the package so I could call FedEx myself and try to track down the package since SouthWest wasn’t too concerned. She informed me that she could not give me that information but when the package arrived back they could re-issue it to the same address. Are you kidding me???
Then I call FedEx. Well they can’t track the package unless they have the tracking number! By this point I was extremely frustrated! Jody happened to come home at lunch and agreed to call SouthWest to see if he could get the tracking number out of them. Wouldn’t you know it…he got the FABULOUS Lucille who amazingly was able to give us the magic number!!! {Thank you Lucille, you are an absolute lifesaver and deserve a big fat raise!} Then we called FedEx back and luckily the package was still in Madison! Hallelujah!!! After we conferenced my dad in {because his name was on the envelope*} for him to give them permission for me to pick up the package…I was off to Madison! So my entire morning day was spent tracking down our travel documents!!!
I am stepping down from my soapbox now! Yes, we leave in less than 2 weeks for our big trip! The kids are getting more and more excited. I am going to spend next week trying to gather up and organize all the things we think we will need! I will keep you updated on the progress!
*Hello to the genius who bought their house…do you not remember their names? It has only been 4 months! OR how hard would it have been to pick up the phone and call him…he too is listed in the phone book!!!

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More Pond Pics

This afternoon Banks wanted to show the pond to Mary Reese and Daddy, so we loaded up and went for our own private viewing!

We know we can’t do this once the fish make the pond their new home:

But it sure was FUN today!

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Ponds for Kids

Today Banks {as well as the rest of the school} got to participate in the PONDS FOR KIDS program {a partnership with The Alabama Outdoor Classroom} with the assistant of Lee Vought Water Gardens. At the end of the day, the entire school got to watch as they turned on the pond:

Banks with his “work” gloves on. He thought he was going to get to do all the digging. I didn’t have the heart to tell him only the older grades were working today. All the younger grades get to help plant the water plants and release the fish into the pond next month.

Ms. Lowery’s entire class in front of the pond:

You can check out one of the 2nd Grade teachers Pond Progress blog post to see just how much his school accomplished today! Banks can’t wait for next month when he actually gets to “work” on the pond!

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I just bought a new Flip Ultra Video camera {I have been eyeing one for a few months}. I decided I might need to test it out before our big trip; and I have been dying to record Banks and Mary Reese doing the fiddle part of Dixieland Delight but my old video camera didn’t hook up to the computer. So for your afternoon entertainment:

Do you think they will be asked to make an appearance at Fiddler’s Convention in Athens?

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Quote of the Day

Banks – “I’m not the tallest in my class this year.”
Jody – “That’s OK. Who is the tallest?”
Banks – “Shawn. Well, he suppose to be in 2nd Grade.”

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New Carpool Line Project

Since I finished my book, I needed a new project to work on while in the carpool line and during Mary Reese’s ballet/tap class. I finally found an out-of-print Cinderella smocking plate. So for the last few weeks, I have been working on getting this done for our upcoming trip {our Princess will be wearing it when we eat lunch with the other Princesses at the Castle}:
The first week I got all the backsmocking done. This week I have been working on the borders and the picture smocking part. I am almost done with the smocking…then I will be working on the construction of the dress and another surprise! I will post some more pictures once I get it done!

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