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Beach Bound

Tomorrow we are Beach Bound or Bust…we are headed down to the gulf for our annual family vacation at the Phoenix X (conveniently located next door to the Flora-Bama)! Jody and I opted to pack the car tonight in the cool 81 degree weather vs the projected 88 degree and isolated storm weather predicted for 3:30 tomorrow, plus we didn’t have 2 extra helpers since we did it after they went to bed!

I was pretty proud of myself…I think I really cut back on the “necessities” for this trip! Both kids have been really looking forward to the beach all week. Sunday, Banks decided to make a grocery list – he would think of something he thought we needed, I would spelled it and he would write it down. Notice the circled item on the list:

That would be beer…for his daddy of course! Wednesday night, they both excitedly brought down their suitcases. We noticed that Mary Reese’s didn’t look empty. When we unzipped it, this is what we discovered…

Every princess needs at least 6 pairs of shoes for a week at the beach! We will be pulling out after Jody and I put in a full day at the office. Hey, someone has to pay for the $3.89 per gallon gas to fill up the family truckster! The first and only stop will be another family tradition…Peach Park in Clanton, Alabama!!!


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One Fish, Two Fish

I now have 2 fish for children! Banks really took to swimming last summer during swimming lessons (Thank you Matthew). Mary Reese has always been fearless when it came to the water. This was her 2 summers ago at the beach (she was only 18 months old):
She had no fear…she would just jump in even if no one was standing there to catch her. Last summer, she was signed up for swimming lessons but had to drop out after two days because of swimmers ear. She spent the rest of the summer jumping and swimming but only with swimmies on. Yesterday I got in the pool and talked her into taking her swimmies off. This is what she was doing within a few minutes:

And my big fish…jumping in cannonball style!

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Congrats to the Texas Tech Red Raiders for winning 2nd place in the City T-Ball Tournament! Going into tonight both teams had only lost one game each – to each other. It only semmed fitting that we play them for the championship! Both teams played a great game but the Kansas Jayhawks pulled off the win…congrats Jayhawks! Banks had a fabulous first season (minus the display of unsportsmanlike conduct after tonight’s game which almost cost Banks all of his Disney Dollars) and made lots of wonderful memories! Thanks Coach Brad for being a wonderful and patient teacher and for giving us our very first game ball (he gave one to everyone tonight)!

The team accepting the 2nd Place Team Trophy!

Banks accepting his individual trophy!

The 2008 Texas Tech Red Raiders!

Team on 3!

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Banks and Mary Reese LOVE getting mail. Who doesn’t…unless of course it is bills, but at their ages they really don’t have to worry about that! The mailman has delivered them some very exciting things this week! On Monday when they checked the mail, there was a letter from Mickey Mouse himself addressed to both of them. Inside they discovered $20 in Disney Dollars for each of them to spend during our upcoming trip. But there was a catch: If they got in trouble, they would have to give back a dollar; and if they were ugly to the other one, they had to give them one of their dollars (for example the first morning under the new “Disney Dollar Reward Program”, Banks continued to bother Mary Reese even after he being told several times to quit! His punishment: put 1 of his Disney Dollars in her jar)! Mickey also sent some extra dollars that they could earn by being good and following directions! Needless to say, the program is working like a charm!

Yesterday in the mailbox there was a envelope addressed to Banks from Ms. Davis. Inside were a sweet note and a book he had enjoyed READING at school. He face lit up when he saw that book! She still continues to amaze me with her sweet thoughts and gestures even after Banks has “graduated” out of her room! She truly LOVES teaching and it shows!

Banks reading his book to me, Mary Reese and Melanie!

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the one I love! Happy Anniversary, Jody!
About this time seven years ago, we were here:
Arriving at our reception

This time seven years ago tomorrow, we were sitting here:

I was in one of those lounge chairs and you were at one of those seats at the swim up bar!

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We started out the day here:
This was mine and Jody’s first trip to the new and improved club pool (the kids came on Thursday and Friday with babysitters)! All the improvements made a HUGE difference to the overall feel of the pool and we look forward to many hot days here! After swimming all morning in some super chilly waters, Banks and Mary Reese enjoyed this with friends:
After lunch and drinking ketchup, Mary Reese and Gray decided they needed this:

We left the pool just in time to make it to Closing Ceremony’s for Dixie Youth Baseball to to receive this:

1st Place Trophy for Black Division TBall – Go Texas Tech Red Raiders!

Then back to the Country Club for this:

A little Parent/Child 5-Hole Scramble in which we got to play with good friends Mary Bradford and Brad and where we acted like this:

I think we have been hanging out with Kirk Sanders a little too much!

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