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Go Big Red!

Last night we had a family fun night at the Decatur vs. Hartselle High School football game! It was officially their first game of the season. We tailgated before the game with the Bibbs, Gantts, Bronaughs, Hicks, Martins and Belchers. We had a blast and tons of good food (of course)! Our friends sure knows how to eat!!!! The kids all played football and practiced their cheers before the game. Jason shuttled us to and from the game in “The Vehicle” (which was decorated for the occasion). Mary Reese had a blast dancing to the band and cheering on the Raiders. I think Banks spent the entire game eating!!! Today is another fun filled football watching day…except for the birthday party this morning! Below are some pictures from last night’s festivities!

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Smiley Face Day!

Yesterday Banks met his goal of 5 smiley faces! Way to go Banks!!! As promised, he got pick out a wallet at Wykers Toys. As soon as we got to the car, he asked for some dollars and some change to put in his wallet. He has been busy trying to fill up all the slots tonight…he even asked Jody for a business card for one slot! To top it all off, he got another smiley face today…we are 2 for 2 this week! I think he finally has it down!

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Fall is in the Air!

I can’t believe that summer is almost over and football season has started! I seems like summer just began. We have all had a busy week at the Murphree house. Banks and Mary Reese had their cousin Sarah Laine’s Backyardigan Birthday party on Wednesday night. She had everyone over for swimming, pizza and cupcakes of course! We had a ball! Sarah Laine, hope you didn’t mind that Banks took over the present opening duties!

Banks got another smiley face on Friday (the grand count is 4…only 1 more for our wallet). Sweet Ms. Davis thought he had been good enough all week for a trip to the treasure chest. She has been dying for him to get to pick a prize out because there was something she knew he would love. Of course he picked the prize she thought he would…a digger (what else)! He did tell John B. this week when they were watching the burnt down Chick-Fil-A being demolished, “I would rather be doing construction but my Mommy and Daddy say I have to go to school instead!” Hopefully he can finish school so he can own his own construction company one day??!!??!!

Mary Reese is holding her own in her all boy classroom. They say she just sits there for the first 10 minutes taking everything in…then she is off and going. When I picked her up one day last week she had made a Fruit Look necklace. The other day she had a pink purse shaped like a dog she was dragging around. I think the boys let her have all the dolls and purses to play with!

Last night Banks got picked up by his “girlfriend” Mary Bradford for her birthday dinner. They went and ate Mexican together with some of their other friends. Mary Reese was mad because she realized Banks was with “Gray Gray” and she wasn’t! Later Jason, Stephanie, Banks and I went to the D-High football game. Banks sat with his friends Colwell, Evans, and Meredith. They were all thrilled when Sloane brought them back blue snowcones and the cheerleaders threw them little footballs!

This afternoon we went to the Splash Pad for a cool down! Banks ran right in and joined in the fun. Mary Reese sat with me on a bench for a few minutes and then decided she wanted to put on her bathing suit…and off she went.

Here are some pictures from the Sarah Laine’s Birthday Party, the football game and our visit to the Splash Pad.

We hope everyone is having a nice long weekend (it will be our last for awhile)! I think we will be spending the rest of ours at the pool! Jason, I did this entry just for you!!! Hope you enjoyed your pancakes!

This is Alabama Football…ROLL TIDE!

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