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“Clete’s” Debut

Well the 9 months, 1 week and 1 day of waiting is officially over! Last night I became an aunt for the first time! Carter Harrison Willis made his debut at 9:34 PM (EST) by C-section. He weighed 7 lbs 15 ozs, was 21 inches long and had a head full of dark hair! The doctor and nurses said he had big hands and feet. (Carter, if you need any XX-wide shoes…Banks has plenty he can hand down.) He is perfect and absolutely beautiful (I guess I should say handsome instead)! We were all amazed at how alert he was when we finally got to meet him. He was just looking around at everyone and trying to take everyone in and figure all of us out. He only cried when we tried to take his picture…all that flash photography was hurting his eyes! Sue and Nicholas both did a great job yesterday at remaining calm, cool and collected during the entire day! Congrats to the new Mom and Dad!!!! Enjoy everyday with him because they grow up too fast!

I called home to report in that it was a boy named Carter (Sue and Nicholas decided not to find out what they were having…so the baby has been know as “Cletus the Fetus” until last night). Banks was thrilled to have a boy cousin but has said all along that if it was a girl, she would be named Sara (which is not the girl name Sue and Nicholas picked out)! He is ready to share all his diggers and dump trucks with his new cousin Carter!

Banks also got his second smiley face at school on the day of Carter’s birth! Way to go Banks!!!! He was so excited when he called to tell me after school yesterday – he said “only 3 more until I get my wallet!” I am still betting that we will be lucky to have a wallet by Christmas!

Both Banks and Mary Reese had a ball in Corinth! Thank you Kristi – you always are so sweet to take them for the weekend! They had a weekend full of excitement including playing in the water hose, going to Chuck E. Cheese, attending church and Mary Reese even got to go to a baby shower! When I talked to Kristi on Saturday, she said she looked up after breakfast and her father-in-law and Banks were sitting side by side in some chairs outside with their feet propped up having a big conversation. I am sure Banks talked poor Mr. Norman’s ears off!
Carter is scheduled to make his first trip to Alabama in a few weeks! His cousins can’t wait to meet him and love all over him! He will probably be ready to head straight back to Indy where it is nice and peaceful! Until next time…


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Can’t be left out!

Ok…I am now officially addicted to the world of blogging! My brother and sister-in-law have inspired me to create one. I think it will be a great way of keeping everyone (who is interested) posted on what is going on in our lives instead of sending out my regular emails with pictures attached. And since I am a Computer Science major…I think I need to get with the times!

We have been busy this summer. We spent a week at the beach in June, which is always fun! We stayed at the Pheonix X. The kids had a ball playing in the sand and ocean all week. It was a nice and relaxing week. We have also spent many days and nights swimming at the pool. Banks took swimming lessons first thing this summer and has turned into a fish! Mary Reese had to drop out after the second day due to swimmers ear. Since she was “swimming” last summer I thought she would be a natural, but it has taken her until the end of the summer to finally decide to take off her swimmies. We also have spend a few weekends at Smith Lake. Banks found a “cliff” he wanted to jump off of and to mine and Jody’s surprise…he did! And the one time I didn’t bring my camera! Hopefully we can go again before it gets cold so I can get a picture of him. I can’t believe that summer is pretty much over and school is back in session. It seems like we just got out for the summer!

Banks started Pre-K at Banks-Caddell (the neighborhood school) this year. He is loving it and making all new friends! The only problem…he is having a hard time getting smiley faces! He has gotten 1 smiley face out of 12 days. We have promised him a wallet if he gets 5 smiley faces. At the rate we are going, he might get there by Christmas! But on a positive note, he is learning to say his colors in Spanish…so I know he is paying attention for part of the day:) Mary Reese is back at First Baptist on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She is adjusting well. She is the only girl in her class but she is tough…so she is hanging in there and bossing those boys around. She has some old friends from last year and is making some new ones.

Hope everyone is doing well. The kids are in Corinth, Mississippi with Kristi Villarreal Borden and family for the weekend…so have LOTS of free time on my hands. Hopefully by the next post we will have welcomed our new niece/nephew & cousin into our lives. Mother, Christopher and I are headed up to Indianapolis tomorrow for the induction Monday! I can’t wait to finally meet him/her! Until next time….

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